A social media strategy is a one-off investment, but it gives you a real understanding of what content to post and why

it’s important to post it. 

Social media is a long game. I can’t promise you 10k followers in one month. However, I will empower you with the tools for success with actionable content and measurable goals that you can implement or hand over to a social media manager.

The process will include an extensive questionnaire that will enable me to understand your business and answer your questions.

The strategy session will involve auditing your current platforms to ensure you are on the right platforms.

We will confirm or create user personas and understand the best time to reach them.

Develop a tone of voice for your social media platforms 

Content ideas and Hashtags strategy, I will provide you with content ideas, the best hashtags to use and explain why!

We will then dive into data; I will guide you on understanding it and making data-driven decisions. 


One-off investment price £800